Once located on marshy grounds at the estauary of the Arno River, the ancient maritime power, the Republic of Pisa, has left us a rich artistic and historical heritage. 

Beyond the Miracle Square Millions which attracts millions of tourists, the city unveils numerous historical, cultural, artistic and architectonic itineraries just waiting to be discovered.

Starting from Miracles Square, one can admire an extraordinary concentration of Romanesque splendor. As it leads to four major landmarks: the Duomo, the Tower, the Baptistry and the Cemetery. From there, Santa Maria road will lead you to the philosophical, literary, mathematical ,and cultural focal point of the city and its Universities.

A hop from Miracle Square, you’ll find the Cavalieri Square with its historical Scuola Normale and a step futher the prestigious “Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna”. Walking down Borgo Stretto (the ancient city center), you to come to the suggestive riverfront Lungarni, rich in historical palaces some of which host permanent museums and temporary exhibitions.